Altavista Project Development.

Developing modern construction projects from drawing board to delivery.

Altavista Property Development.

Developing modern construction projects from drawing board to delivery


Our highly experienced team boasts an impressive track record, having produced and managed several successful developments across the Costa del Sol. Their dedication to Altavista Property has seen the company grow to new heights as we expand our portfolio and clientele to match an increasingly volatile world. They are committed to Altavista Property’s vision of creating modern construction projects from scratch – from drawing board to delivery – to keep up with the market demands of a fast-moving industry. Their hard work and adaptive nature have frequently shown to be crucial in overcoming obstacles that have stopped so many others before, paving the way for Altavista Property to emerge as one of Marbella’s leading real estate developers.    


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Amongst our most sought after services, we include:

  • Tailor-made technical and design solutions – our team is able to report on all technical aspects of any project, our connections in public administration allow for quick analysis of realistic timeframes and costings of potential solutions.

  • Design solutions and assessment of existing projects, adapting plans and specifications to current market trends – continual input from our commercialising agent ensure we have up to the minute market research at our disposal.

  • Elaboration of build specifications in accordance with architectural project – our experience gives us the edge in negotiating alternative build materials and cost saving measures in execution without sacrificing qualities.

  • Financial studies based realistic timelines and the most up to date costings – our experience as leading developers in our local market allows us to present financial scenarios based on actual quotes with up to date costings.

  • Build management and/or on-site build assessment – depending on the origin of the execution project we have the ability to offer full build management or a parallel service of continual assessment and overview of on-site technical issues.

Our Projects.

Our projects are more than just an idea.  They are the result of years of accumulated experience in the real estate market – the highs, the lows, the trends. Built to the highest standards using only top quality materials and the latest technology, our properties are designed to fuse comfort with convenience.